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NY/HELP Honduras        Since 1989, many people from the churches of the New York Conference of the United Church of Christ and the Disciples of Christ have gone to the remote Indian village of La Laguna, in the Yoro mountains of Honduras. [See MAP.]
      Small groups have travelled to this community several times each year.
      [For more information about Honduras, click HERE.]
village houses in the morning mist

     PROJECTS that we have worked on with the people of this community include a medical clinic, nutrition program, agricultural development, clean water supplies and sanitation ( = latrines!), and support and encouragement for educational programs. Several young women have been given scholarships to nursing school, and currently we support students at the Centro Básico Educativo (middle school) in near-by Mataderos. At times, we have young people in CEVER (the E&R church-related vocational school) in the small near-by city of Yoro.



NY/HELP Steering Committee Meeting

The NY/HELP Steering Committee will meet on Sunday, March 23, 2014, at 2PM at the Honeoye United Church of Christ on Main St in Honeoye, NY.
We will be discussing plans for our future activities including a summer trip to Honduras. We hope to have updates on the Tribal Council's activities.
Everyone interested in finding out more is welcome to attend.
Hope to see you there.


      The August NY/HELP mission trip to Honduras made “a mission out of meetings”! Traveling from August 3 to 11 were “Profesor Jeff” Mason, “Dr. Gordon” and Ginger Comstock from the Arcade UCC, and Spanish translator Daniel Beyer, whose family goes to the Tabernacle in Orchard Park. In Honduras, we met with Bill Briggs, our old New York Conference minister, who with his wife Susie founded NY/HELP in 1989. He is now directing Honduras Hope, a similar organization which works with several other Indian tribes in the Yoro area.

      The main thrust of this trip was to assess and encourage the steps the mountain communities are taking to empower themselves. Several very productive meetings led to a plan for the management of the clinic and suggestions made by local people on how to improve attendance at the middle school in Mataderos. The tribal Development Committee, under the leadership of Joel Ramirez, has developed a Plan of Action for 2013 and 2014, and has already begun to implement it.

      Yovany Munguía, our coordinator in Honduras, worked hard to make these meetings successful. He also did a lot of the legwork for the details of the trip. We have developed a contract with him for the next year, which includes changes in our financial arrangements.

      We worked on several of our traditional projects as well. Profesor Jeff, accompanied by Yovany, walked several miles up and down mountain paths to visit primary schools in La Kiloma and El Paraíso, and with Ginger and Dan to the primary and middle schools in Mataderos. We also brought along two laptop computers, which will be managed by the Development Committee. Dr Gordon, assisted by Daniel, saw 54 patients in 2 days at the clinic. Perhaps most importantly, we renewed old friendships and made new ones.

      More information is available from Jeff, Gordon and Ginger. Catch or call us for details! Or check our blog at < www.nyhelp.blogspot.com/ >

      To paraphrase St James, in NY/HELP, we try to ¨show our faith by our acts.¨ And this is made possible by YOUR love and generosity!

Donations for this on-going mission may be sent to NY/HELP, C/O Arcade United Church of Christ Congregational, 297 Main St, Arcade, NY 14009


   The August mission trip to Honduras is underway with seven people from western and central NY traveling to La Laguna to work there for two weeks. Thanks to generous donations of computers, they were able to take two laptops to be used in the middle school.

   Wednesday, August 11, six of the group went out into the community of Kiloma, loaded with materials for families, and school supplies for three schools and a kindergarten. They will stay in the community and work there and in El Paraíso, building latrines and improved stoves. They will be there until Saturday, returning to La Laguna in the evening. Everything is going well so far.

   Dr. Gordon remained in the medical clinic working with the clinic nurse, Mirtila. Sunday, August 14, there will be football games (soccer to us), which happens every time NY/HELP is in the villages. Participating teams are La Laguna, Mataderos, El Paraíso y Kiloma, which are communities where the group will be working on this trip.

   If you are interested in going on a future trip, please contact Gordon & Ginger Comstock at the email or phone number below.
   Spanish-speaking ability is not required -- but is very helpful, both to the individual and the group. And it helps you get more out of your trip!
   Fund-raising for these various projects is encouraged.
   For more information, contact Ginger and Gordon Comstock at gkcomstock@gmail.com, write to NY/HELP, C/O Arcade United Church of Christ Congregational, 297 Main St, Arcade, NY 14009; or call 585-492-2810.

Donations may be sent to NY/HELP, C/O Arcade United Church of Christ Congregational, 297 Main St, Arcade, NY 14009




roof work    

A group of nine NY/HELP volunteers spent two weeks between July 26 and August 7, 2010 working with the people in the mountainous communities around La Laguna, near Yoro in northern Honduras.  The volunteers on this trip included a doctor, two medical students, a math teacher, a Spanish teacher, a college freshman (in the fall) and a family of three.

We worked with the community on improvements on the clinic, especially a new roof, fencing in the clinic property and planting trees. Other projects included helping to build lorena stoves and school visits. We met with the Tribal Council and discussed future plans and the relationship between NY/HELP and the Mataderos Tribe.


More trip news is posted on our NY/HELP blog.



In the spring 2010, NY/HELP met to discuss our future directions and to develop a long-term plan for our mission in Honduras.
More information will be posted soon.


For more information, see our Blog, NY/HELP News


Jeff Mason's Sermon at Arcade UCC, August 2003
Thoughts on our changing mission in Honduras


More information about our program -- and an application to participate in this exciting project is available.



NY/HELP Annual Report for 2007
NY/HELP Annual Report for 2006
NY/HELP Annual Report for 2005

    Help-A-Child Project for Children. Click here for information on how to support NY/HELP projects.


dolls from La Laguna
Funds from CRAFT SALES of items made by village people help support the work NY/HELP is doing in La Laguna.
Contact us for more information, or visit the NY/HELP table at the annual state conference!

Medical Advice for Travelers
CDC Travelers' Health Page for Central America
How to prevent itchy spots on your legs


We have been net-working with other groups in an effort to bring assistance (and encourage self-assistance!) to La Laguna and its neighboring communities.

The Evangelical and Reformed Church of Honduras
Our sister church in Honduras. AIEH is their social-developmental program.
Bruce and Linda Hanson and their family are currently our UCC/Disciples medical missionaries in Honduras. Linda is a pastor and a physical therapist, and Bruce is a registered nurse.
(See their website for more information about their work, which is supported by the Common Global Ministries of the UCC and Disciples.)
Dr Joyce Baker was our UCC medical missionary there for 30 years.

Sustainable Harvest International
This group offers rural communities long-term support for sustainable economic development and ecological restoration through the implementation of sustainable agriculture,
agroforestry, reforestation and other ecologically appropriate technologies.
SHI has has been working with NY/HELP to provide agricultrual extension education services to the La Laguna area.
These include new crops, contour planting, stove building, and support for "microbusinesses."

Water For People
A group devoted to helping people in developing countries get safe drinking water.
They provide technical assistance but encourage communities to help themselves.

Engineers Without Borders
Engineers Without Borders-Lafayette is a student chapter of the national EWB-USA at Lafayette College, Easton, PA.
As engineering students we seek to use our skills to help struggling communities in the developing world with vital water, sanitation and shelter projects.

Honduras HOPE
NY/HELP and Honduras HOPE have jointly bought a house in Yoro, where the students from La Laguna who are studying at the colegio and CEVER are able to stay.
We have hired a retired pastor, Jose Feliciano and his wife Petronida to be the houseparents there.

Paz y salud,
Gordon F. Comstock MD, Arcade UCC
Medical Advisor, NY/HELP

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